With a tear in our eye, and a longing for a flowing ginger beard that will have to be put on the shelf for a while, we say goodbye to season 2 of Pat Moore's 'Blueprint' with a mega-montage.

We have to say that we really enjoyed season 2 of Blueprint. Perhaps less for the (what was actually fairly interesting) narration, and more for the ridiculously heavy action footage.

Luckily for us then, the final episode of the season is pure snowboarding, pulling together all of the best shots from what was clearly a very productive season for Pat Moore. From the streets of Utah to the steeps of Alaska, Pat hit some big shit over the past few months, and brought some great snowboarders along for the ride as well.

Featuring Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Arthur Longo, Jeremy Jones, Jake Welch, Ben Ferguson and more, plus some banger snowboarding filmed all across the globe, this is one episode of Blueprint you can't afford to miss.

From Red Bull: As the Blueprint 2 crew circled the globe on the hunt for fresh snow and worthy obstacles to exploit, memories were made and tricks were slayed. From Salt Lake Jib City to upstate New York to the Alps to Alaska, the riders hit it all. On top of tricks, the riders offered insights, opinions, stories & struggles but at this point in the season, the time for talk is over. This is the final episode and it’s all action; a highlight reel of the season’s finest moments. Enjoy!

Watch all of the Pat Moore Blueprint Season2 episodes below: