After watching the first episode of Pat Moore's new web series, it became perfectly clear that this is one of those projects that would actually make us weep with joy. It's got cool riders, smart commentary and the filming is just amazing!

In episode two, we meet professional snowboarder and cinematographer, Seth Huot, to discuss the relationship between filmer and rider. We learn how the two have become codependent on one another in the attempt to capture the perfect shot. Watch as Pat Moore, Nic Sauve and Seth Huot venture to Quebec City for some epic urban riding.

We picked one quote that can sum up this episode pretty well: 'Every pro's career is entirely dependent on who they are working with and how they are working with those people.. It's the only way that anything would ever see the light of a day.. Otherwise it would just be a man on the mountain.'

Check out the first episode of 'Blueprint' here!