Even though there hasn't been much snow in Bulgaria this winter, the Ninja Squad dudes do their best and they even managed to put out the fourth edit of the season. This time they collaborated with Big Bear heavy hitters 'Jupiter People'!

'For the fourth webisode of this Ninja Weekend season during the worst winter we've seen we managed to do another video collaboration. This time we are super excited that we did a cross edit between Bear Mountain local Jupiter People crew and some good times with the ninjas at our Bulgarian Osogovo, which is a one run, all park mountain. Thanks to Kyle Schafer and everyone from JP for getting down with us!' - Ninja Squad

Riders in order of appearance: Nikolay Nikolov, Vladimir Todorov, Mario Benyo, Nikolay Naydenov, Ivo Kostov, Nikolay Dimitrov, Alek Alexandrov, Deo Katunga, Dimo Petkov, Jake Schaible, Mike Gray, Kyle Smith, Robert Toste, Bob Abrams, Mathias Nordby.