They may be the underdogs of Nike's ridiculously stacked snowboard roster, but Justin Bennee, Johnnie Paxson, Sage Kotsenburg and Ethan Morgan have got skills for days. Check out this new full part and tell us we're right!

The great thing about snowboarding is that every single person has their own unique style. From superficial shit like what you wear, right down to the way you hold your arms or the way you interpret spots. Justin Bennee, Johnnie Paxson, Sage Kotsenburg, and Ethan Morgan all kill it in the streets, but each has their own way of riding their boards.

Justin Bennee is built like a tank and goes big and burly off features. Johnnie Paxson is an all round ripper and it shows in his street riding. Sage has a super creative approach to hitting spots, while Ethan has a clean, refined style and the ability to send it in the backcountry.

This new full part from Nike is a refreshing mix of all these different styles and we're hyped on it.

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