Sage Kotsenburg becomes the first rider to receive his own mini-bio edit in Nike Snowboarding's new seven part series 'Emergence'.

As one of the most stoked dudes in snowboarding, period, as well as an Olympic gold medallist, starting off 'Emergence' with Sage is a fitting opening piece for Nike's extended foray into the biographical.

Sage came from humble beginnings, riding with his brother and sister at his local hill of Mammoth mountain and sooner or later he, like many of us did at one point or another in our lives, found himself addicted:

Snowboarding is a cool sport for anyone to do on any level. It's not just like, 'let's grab the family and go bobsledding!' It's just not the same thing you know? There's so much more to snowboarding, I think that's why it's so addictive.

While this is all definitely more on the accessible and dare we say, cheesy' side of things, Sage makes some really valid points here, and anyone who is ever fortunate to meet him in person will be able to agree with us when we say that his stoke on snowboarding is 100% genuine.