The third and final behind the scenes episode for Night Fury: a fictional short film, shot entirely at night in the Japanese backcountry.

Shooting snowboarding at night is no easy task at the best of times, let alone when you have to carry all the lighting and camera gear yourself out into the backcountry. In the third and final Night Fury behind the scenes episode, we join the crew as they look for new zones to setup and hit.

Black Diamond tours were leading the crew and took them further out than they had gone before in search of fresh terrain to ride and shoot for their imagined fictional short film. While they started off filled with excitement and anticipation, those feelings quickly subsided once they realised how long and arduous the walk-ins would be after such a big snow storm.

On top of it all, Jake Koia managed to bash his ankle and knee up after going for a double cork off one of the kickers, but despite being put out of action, the general consensus was that the trip was one to remember.

We're always hyped to see something different in snowboarding and Night Fury fit the bill perfectly.

In this third and final episode we take all our gear up to a new zone, further than before thanks to black diamond tours who lend us a sled for the day. The excitement of a new spot quickly wore off as we realised the walk-in on the days to follow to get up there was going to be a nightmare after the storm! On top of that Jake manages to smash up his knee and ankle in the middle of the night far from civilisation. Enjoy!