Night Fury is a fictional short snowboard film, shot entirely at night in the Niseko backcountry. You've already seen the full Night Fury film, now here's the second behind the scenes episode.

If you haven't checked out the full Night Fury short film yet, be sure to go watch that first. If you have, here's the second behind the scenes installment, giving us a look into what went into making this one of kind production.

This behind the scenes episode documents the first night of shooting and shows how this film project turned a bunch of Kiwi snowboarders into part of the night shift labour force.

Shooting at night, in a wild and unpredictable natural environment like the Niseko backcountry, is certainly no easy task and Nick Brown, Jake Koia and Connor Harding certainly had their work cut out for them. In between moving lights and generators around and figuring out where to shoot, the guys still had to deliver the goods on their snowboards.

We're sure you'll agree that the final result was a success, and it's always nice to see new concepts and ideas in snowboarding come to fruition.