A behind the scenes look at the making of 'Night Fury' - a fictional snowboard movie shot entirely at night in Japan.

You've already seen the teaser for Night Fury, now here's the first part one of the behind-the-scenes making-of the project.

In February, the Kiwi crew headed out to Niseko, Japan to kick off the project. Nick Brown, Jake Koia and Connor Harding had come with a vision for the movie after dabbling with shooting powder at night on their previous trip out to the Land of the Rising Sun filming for the Japan Journals series.

After arriving in Tokyo and lugging their mass of flashes and camera equipment around, the crew head up North to Sapporo to load up on supplies. Five hours and one failed toboggan construction later, the guys leave with a plastic toboggan and a ladder.

The plan was to film the entire fictional horror themed movie at night within a three week window using generators and ten massive lights, and it certainly didn't look like a walk in the park.

'Night Fury' will be released on June 21st so stay tuned for the movie and check out all of the behind the scenes episodes dropping over the following 2 weeks at Onboardmag.com