In the latest 'Neff in the Parks' edit, Tim Humphreys hooks up with some local friends and hits up Neffland Killington for some extra terrestrial stunt boarding.

Watch as Tim Humphreys, Dakota Whitaker, River Willman, Paul Archer, Bobby Van Houten, and Mike Garceau blast through the interplanetary space that fills Neffland Killington, and witness them defy gravity, bonk spaceships and stomp some out-of-this-world tricks.

If you missed it, check out the last Neff in the Parks edit from Boreal here.

From Neff: Did you know that there are 3 different Nefflands in the US? Well there are! In addition to Park City’s Candyland and Boreal Mtns Pirate Park Neff and Killington Resort teamed up and created Neffland Outer Space. Tim Humphreys and some of his local friends set out to check out what the park is all about. Enjoy!