One of the most well-rounded snowboarders in the game, Bode Merrill shines wherever he shreds. Join Bode and friends as they destroy the street in Episode 1 of 'Merrill Time'!

You know it's good when it starts with a one foot backie of a roof and there is still 6 minutes left. Bode is a certified boss when it comes to urban riding and we are super stoked he decided to make his own web series. Also, take a look at the list of riders who are featuring this episode and get even more hyped. Now make yourself comfortable and enjoy this beauty!

Episode One features riding from: Bode Merrill, Brandon Cocard, Cale Zima, Chris Grenier, Tim Ronan, Ethan Deiss, Alex Sherman, Harrison Gordon, Zak Hale, Dylan Thompson, Scot Brown, and Justin Bennee.

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