We'll hold our hands up in the air on this front, we completely missed this wee 5 minute extravaganza from the Red Bull Nanshan Open in China when it dropped a while back. We'll hold up our hands AGAIN when we say we've completely missed this web series from Brandon Davis and Spencer Whiting, which should come from a warning from the The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for sickness.

There's been a few of the Mammoth Mayhem webisodes so far this season, but this time we catch up with the duo as they head to the land of the great firewall for the flagship Chinese snowboard competition at Nanshan.

It seems there's some beef with the landings that look flatter than a Dutch mountain range, but that doesn't stop them from unleashing some pretty stylish snowboarding. A smörgåsbord of double grabbing, rodeoing and knee knocking landings are the name of the game.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for new episodes dropping from now on, so if you like what you see, stay tuned!

Featuring: Asher Humphreys, Brandon Davis, Eric Beauchemin, Ian Thorley, Spencer Whiting, Tim Humphreys, Yoyo Krivec and Mons Røisland.