Vans have started dropping 'Raw Files' from their recent team movie, LANDLINE. Up first is the ATV who opens the movie, Sam Taxwood. One word: BEAST.

If you slept on Vans' first ever team movie, you'd best get woked – stacked with an all-star cast of Vans riders going all in over a two-year period, it's one heavy, heavy film. By choosing to shoot it mainly on Kodak 16mm film, director Tanner Pendleton also managed to something that has a timeless aesthetic to it, and it's safe to say we were blown away when we were lucky enough to watch it at the Global Premiere in Innsbruck back in January. If you like no-nonsense, high-octane pow and street shredding we think you will be similarly stoked - you can buy LANDLINE here if you're feeling so inclined.

Now, a while after LANDLINE. went on sale, they've started dropping what they're calling 'Raw Files' - uncut, uncooked slabs of bangers, half-makes, slams, lifestyle and behind-the-scenes banter from shooting for the movie. It's an interesting, stripped back - yet if anything more involved - look at a video part and what goes into getting one dialled in.

Opening sections are a much sought-after currency, and in LANDLINE. it was Sam Taxwood who took that particular honour - and deservedly so. When filming started this 23-year-old ex-shop kid was just coming back from a succession of gnarly knee injuries, but if that affected him it certainly doesn't show in his part: he grabbed the bull by the horns and demonstrated his ATV skills by stomping facemelters both on the streets and in the backcountry.

And a bunch of the urban ones are right here. Hit that button and enjoy 10-odd minutes of Taxwood's Raw Files, and stay tuned for more dropping soon from the rest of the crew.