This week's Slam Of The Week is a pretty brutal one. Joel Dalacker winds up stuck between two bicycle racks while filming for Moss Culture's "At It Again".

Sometimes when you're snowboarding, everything that could possibly go wrong, goes wrong. Those days certainly aren't the prettiest.

This slam by Joel Dalacker, is the perfect example of things not going to plan. Not only did Joel not get his trick, but he wound up wedged between two bike racks. Judging by the sounds he makes, this one was painful as shit, but remarkably, Joel managed to walk away from this one relatively unscathed:

Don't worry folks, Joel surprisingly walked away from this one.

Granted, Joel probably escaped more than a couple of broken ribs here, or worse. Sometimes it really does pay off to be skinny, even if you're trying to make it as a high fashion model.