For most of us, it's almost impossible to comprehend how much planning goes into shooting big mountain snowboarding. But every now and then we get a little glimpse into the lives of the people who do it for a living...

And in the latest Episode of Higher Unplugged, that's exactly what we're treated to. A small sample of the impossible terrain these guys ride. Here's what they had to say:

"For nearly two decades, Jeremy has traveled to Alaska in the spring to explore new zones. Originally, he relied on helicopters to scout these areas and access them. During the past six years, however, Jones has refined his approach as he increasingly accesses these areas under the power of his own two feet.

In this episode of Higher Unplugged, Jones explains how he researches a new zone prior to riding it. Although he uses Google Earth to attain a basic understanding of a mountain range and its diverse terrain, he emphasizes that it is also essential to observe the landscape firsthand. In addition to revealing potential lines to ride, this approach ensures Jones can minimize the risk that surrounds them. After all, the terrain he aims to ride is strewn with cornices, bergschrunds, and seracs—features that are as dangerous as they are unpredictable."