British slopestyle crusher Jamie Nicholls is back with a brand new edit, featuring a smattering of tech-goodness put down in the real-life equivalent of a giant snow globe.

If you watched the first of Jamie's midsummer Snow Centre adventures, you'll be well clued on to the fact that this kid has got quite the knack for making the ridiculously tech look like child's-play. And while this new one doesn't quite have the switch backlip pretzel level tech of its predecessor, it's still got more than enough to get your protractor wielding chops stuck into.

Don't miss the backside 360 on frontside 360 off on the 22 second mark, or the casual backside 900 (one of only a few we've ever seen stomped indoors) towards the end.

And if the current heatwave is melting your brain, be sure to get out onto a glacier or into a dome for a refreshing blast of slush - it's gonna be a long haul waiting it out until November!

Film/edit: Max Presky

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