Episode 5 of Jake Blauvelt's Naturally webisodes has dropped and it's one of the sickest yet. Watch Eric Jackson and Jake head out to British Columbia and scope out the most epic spots and deepest powder to ride.

British Columbia is a full blown mecca when it comes to gnarly terrain, drops, natural hits and amazing powder snow. E-Jack and Jake wasted no time getting amongst it and were straight in the heli and scoping spots to hit up. Watch them put down some fluid lines and drops before sessioning a pretty epic double hit line.

Finally, hear what was going through Eric Jackson's head when he hit his ridiculous hole in the wall feature. Would YOU have the balls to tank it towards a hole in a slab of rock that you're not sure you can fit through? We wouldn't, but it is E-Jack we're talking about here...

Don't forget that you can watch all of the other Naturally webisodes here, and if you haven't seen the full movie yet, be sure to download it here.