The legendary Swedish resort of Riksgränsen is the first location to get its history mined in our new documentary feature, Hot Spots.

Europe is fortunate enough to have a host of epic locations that have witnessed memorable moment's in the snowboarding's history. In Hot Spots, we take a look at some of these places and chart what has made them so iconic in the sport over the years.

For this first installment, we headed to Riksgränsen way far up north in Sweden. Riks has carved its name into snowboarding like few other spots: it was site of Ingemar Backman's legendary backside air, responsible for a whole bunch of footage from the likes of Terje Håkonsen, the Pirates and many, many more.

With close to 24h daylight when we visited last May, the experience is at once both insane and surreal. We were lucky enough to be in town for the epic season-ender that is the Riks Banked Slalom, followed by the King of the Hill 2017 Reunion celebrating 20 years since Ingemar launched himself into legend status. As such there was a host of snowboarding's great and good from past, present and future and we got all in their faces to produce this.


Iconic. Photo: Sami Tuoriniemi