In episode 2 of Higher Latitude the sun has returned to the arctic in Northern Norway. This means longer days and bigger lines in cold powder snow. And the crew CHARGE.

Northern Norway looking SICK right here. If you didn't know you'd be forgiven for thinking that this edit was shot in a mixture of Japan and Alaska - but no. These Norsemen from Tromsø keep their shit local...

Riders: Eirik Verlo, Andreas Strømseth, Krister Kopala, Michael Størdal, Jussi-Oskari Taka

With support from: Moonlight Mountain Gear, Sweet Protection, Cilao Outdoor and Filmvektshuset Tvibit

Produced by: Eirik Verlo, Krister Kopala and Jussi-Oskari Taka

Filmed by: Eirik Verlo, Krister Kopala, Jussi-Oskari Taka

On locations: Kvaløya, Lyngen, Tamokdalen, Tromsø (secret spots)