Stop what you're doing and watch what is undoubtedly the best Mt. Hood edit of the year. There are too many highlights in this one to mention!

Jon Stark has kept us all patiently waiting for the final High Cascade edit of the year, but boy oh boy was it worth it.

After a full skate section stacked with plenty of wood and metal wizardry with Scott Stevens and more, the edit steps down a gear with a smooth, soulful jibe and some tricks on the wallride/combo feature. After that there's somewhat of an interlude, with a bunch of skits and banter before it's all cranked up again.

But when it decides to properly get going it does exactly that and shows no signs of slowing up. There's a full on butter box session with legit NBD's from Stevens, Rav and more, Spencer Schubert 50-50s a rail horizontally, Ryan Paul gets inverted off a wallride only to land on a rail afterwards, Scott Stevens does a caveman boardslide, Kevin Maples slides through a ballistic front board before Gus Warbington rounds up the edit with a crazy one-foot carve combo thingy. As we said, too many highlights to mention...

The music is perfect, the whole feel and aesthetic is first class and it's the perfect way to finish up what has been another incredible summer snowboarding on a big-ass volcano in Oregon.

Featuring: Max Warbington, Blake Paul, Max Tokunaga, Mike Swearingen, Scott Stevens, Justin Keniston, Scott Blum, Christian Buling, Mike Rav, Gus Warbington, Mike Wainhouse, Nick Dirks, Jay Haygert, Jeffy Gabrick, Benny Milam, Andy Glader, Jake Lucjak, Will Lavigne, Roobs, Pat Bridges, Oliver Dixon, Brett Wilkinson, Alex Lopez, Jack Dawe, Kai Ujejski, Dillon Ojo, Dan "Vinny" Vinzant, Dylan Trewin, Braedon Wheeler, Colton Morgan, Mark Goodall, Miles Fallon, Matteo Soltane, Cole Linzmeyer, Chris Grenier, Spencer Schubert, Aaron Kiser, Ryan Paul, and Kevin Maples.