Check out the official recap edit from High Cascade session 3, featuring an onslaught from the Nike Snowboarding team, Mike Rav and many more.

Mike Rav gets an extended section with plenty of flopping around on the ground, there's a classic Nico Müller handplant, some extra clean stunts from Jake Kuzyk, more greasy style from Tommy Gesme and a straight ridiculous ender trick from Oliver Dixon.

Featuring: Parker Duke, Desiree Melancon, Mike Rav, Nick Douchette, Gray Thompson, Spencer Schubert, Ted Borland, Sammy Spiteri, Jack Harris, Jake Kuyzk, Tim Eddy, Ben Ferguson, Christian Hobush, Dan “Vinny" Vinzant, Derek Combs, Michael Wick, Christian Sparks, Brandon Sakiewicz, Forrest Bailey, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, Halldor Helgason, Johnny O’Conner, Tommy Gesme, Craig Cameron, Jed Sky, Phil Hansen, Danika Duffy, Alex Cato, Max Warbington, Louie Vito, and Oliver Dixon.

Edited By: Jon Stark