Helen Schettini grew up in the snowboarding mecca of Whistler and has since flourished into one of the most progressive female backcountry rippers in recent memory. It therefore came as little surprise to hear that Helen was getting her very own web series.

Helen stopped by the Onboard office here in Munich and we filmed this exclusive interview with her to hear a little bit about the upcoming series.

We're always stoked to hear about girls who are killing it in the backcountry alongside their male counterparts and we think these will be a rad little insight into what it takes to shoot snowboarding alongside the likes of Jake Blauvelt, DCP, Romain de Marchi and JP Solberg.

The 'Hel of a Time - A Winter with Helen Schettini' webisodes are dropping right here on the Onboard site from tomorrow (11th September) and we can't wait to watch 'em.