Helen Schettini drops the first of her webisodes giving us an insight into the ins and outs of filming in the backcountry.

We were hyped when we first caught up with Helen to hear about her new web series 'Hel of a Time'. Helen has been on our radar for a while and we think it was high time she got a proper showcase of her unquestionable ability to send it in the backcountry.

Episode 1 has arrived and as predicted it's an absolute corker: massive drops, some healthy ragdolls and the type of balls-deep riding that has us wishing we also had Whistler Blackcomb on our doorstep. We're guessing that after 'breaking her legs quite a few times', the choice to invest in a sled and ditch the icy stunt ditch once and for all was a good one...

Stay tuned for episode 2 dropping in a week's time!