We got our hands on Toni Kerkelä's hard drive and Hacked the hell out of his bro-cam footy from sessioning last spring. Daaamn, that dude is smooooth...

Toni's had a rough time of things in recent months. Just before Christmas he ruptured his colon (and now has a gnarly belly scar to prove it), and then was dropped by his long-time sponsor.

As everyone knows, though, this kid is a boss and the Finnish spirit of sisu runs strong through his veins. He stepped up, bounced back, and finished off his X Games Real Snow part. It's HEAVY, and full of the skatey flow T-Kerks is renowned for.

He's also the only Euro facing down a field of North Americans, so go check Toni Kerkelä's X Games Real Snow part and throw him some love if you dig!