Ah yiss! Mr Marko Grilc, is back for another episode of the Grilosodes, and this time he's in Colorado with Roope Tonteri...again...getting kinda weird guys.

In all honesty though, it's definitely not. With Marko, putting his competition days behind him and Roope being on top of his game at the moment - we actually feel like they balance each other out a little like ying and yang.

Joined fellow Red Bull-ites; Mark McMorris, and Red Gerrard, they proceed to give the Keystone A-51 park the good once over. Red's progressing at an unnervingly fast pace, especially when you consider how good he was a year ago.

But, it's Roope's little ender segment that just blows us away - he has either has been at the 'Peetu Piiroinen School of Pop', or the filmer's got a damn good angle! Backside 1080, cab 900, frontside 720 and a backside 1440 to finish. Surprised the filmer can keep him in frame sometimes.

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