In the latest Grilosode, Marko Grilc teams up with Seppe Smits, Werni Stock and Mitja Kodric and heads deep into the Austrian backcountry to throw down on some hand sculpted powder kickers.

We're not gonna lie, we love watching the Grilosodes. We guess a lot of you guys do too, as we've been reliably told that it's the most successful Red Bull snowboard series ever - nice one Grilo!

In episode 6, Marko heads out into the stomping grounds of Arlberg with a Belgian (Seppe Smits), an Austrian (Werni Stock) and a Slovenian (Mitja Kodric) in tow, to build and session some backcountry kickers.

As always, the footage is spot on, with aerial shots, slow motion and more than enough shred porn to keep our eyes glued for the duration. If this isn't an advertisement for getting out into the backcountry and creating your own fun with your homies, we don't know what is. Epic stuff, once again from Marko and co.

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