Different Direction are back with their latest edit and it's dedicated to one of the most celebrated tricks in snowboarding - the method air. Watch Marco Feichtner, Sebi Geiger, Thomas Feuerstein and more crank out their best.

The backside air, or method. Whatever. Your body is weirdly twisted, legs kicked as far as they'll go, the front hand clinging to the board bringing the whole show together as you send it through the air. Whether you're three feet off the ground or thirty, the feeling is one of the best out there.


We shot some monstrous methods this season, but they're so fun to do that we've ended up with quite a collection of them. It seemed a shame to leave them unseen, so here they are in their tweaked glory, alongside some mad deep turns and a few shots of Marco building a lady friend out of snow.

Riders: Marco Feichtner, Sebi Geiger, Thomas Feuerstein, Christian Geiger, Bob Van Unnik and Alex Fischer