Bode Merrill, Cale Zima & Brandon Cocard - STEEL & CONCRETE IN SLC II | Flipside 2013, Ep. 2

After getting shut down by the cops, Brandon Cocard bangs one of the sickest tricks of the season and brings the sports of snowboarding and tennis into the same dimension! Bode Merrill steps up his game with some incredible roof jibs and new comer to the crew, Scott Brown comes in hard with some next level rail combos. This episode - brought to you by broken noses and ball sacks - will conclude the early Salt Lake City jib sessions, time to go up the mountains!

Brandon Cocard, Sylvain Bourbousson & Mat Schaer - AMERICANS HIT SWISS CHEESE | Flipside 2013, Ep. 3

Just some blatant ski porn for all you powder fans out there -- USA meets Europe (in Switzerland) as they travel round Champery having WAY too much fun. Follow Zima and Cocard in their adventures as hey team up with Sylvain Bourbousson and Mat Schaer to slash some deep powder and hit an insane double line. Watch them slaughter the famous kicker spot : The Zone. Snowboarder's dream really...