The Hjellström brothers are back again, keeping it spooky after dark in an all night shoot. Filmed in just five nights at Falu Snowpark in Sweden, the lack of crowds gave the brothers a chance to get super creative with railings, box features, tunnels and a load of other wild shit. Straight bossing it, these guys are bringing some seriously heated moves back to the game, and we love it!

Lowe called us and had this brilliant idea about filming a episode in totally darkness. Me and Theo has always wanted to, so we committed and drove the car over to Falu Snowpark back home in Sweden where we met up with the local boss Simon Jacobsson and filmed this part during 5 nights in the park.

Huge thanks to the man behind Falu Snowpark, that made this possible, Max Månsson.

Part 2/3, This is FAT & FURIOUS: DARK PARK !

Riders: Theo Hjellström

Simon Jacobsson

Felix Engström

Abbe Hjellström

Filmed by: Lowe Andersson, No Budget Production

Edit by: Abbe Hjellström

Soundtrack: I Go To Sleep, Anika

Thanks to: Falu Snowpark, Transworld Snowboarding, Neff, Dragon, Burton, Analog, Rome, Crab Grab