This is pretty insane. In the new episode of Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew take a trip down to their local hardware store and set out to buy the ingredients to make a snowboard completely from scratch.

It's one thing to add some weird materials into a snowboard and another to build one completely from scratch. In episode 9 of ETT, Dave Lee and the Signal gang hit up their local home improvement store and grab all of the materials for their very own DIY deck.

Even the press was manufactured using 2 x 4s, with the board itself being laid-up from shower wall as a base, a fence post core, and a topsheet made from ribbed shelf liner. The whole thing ends up clocking in at $100 - way more affordable than a proper snowboard and a lot of fun to put together too!

After the build is complete it's over to Brighton for an on-hill test with team rider Tucker Brown and surprisingly, the board holds up pretty damn well!

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From Signal: In this episode of Every Third Thursday Dave Lee takes on the challenge of building a snowboard and snowboard press using materials exclusively sourced from the aisles of a home improvement store. Dave and the Rosolowski brothers comb the aisles scavenging for makeshift materials on a budget; we need hydrophobic base materials, a sturdy core, metal edges, glue to hold everything together, and finally a makeshift press to bind the layers. Is this experimental snowboard going to be a blast or a bust? Watch as we test it out on slopes of Utah’s Brighton resort!