In the latest episode of Every Third Thursday, the Signal Snowboards crew team up with longtime skateboard designer Paul Schmitt to craft some awesome old-school snurfers, which they rip around the streets of Boston.

Throwback snowboard shapes and designs are pretty hot right now and Dave Lee and the Signal crew embrace the retro vibes in this new episode of Every Third Thursday.

With a classic 7-ply skateboard construction, grip tape and a special shape with input from legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi himself, these things are legit as they come.

After the boards are wrapped up it's out of the factory and into the snowy streets of Boston for some fun cruising down sidewalks, in parks and off on any surface the guys are willing to try riding over.

No bindings, boots or liftpass are required and this is skate style shredding in its purest form.

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This episode of ETT is all about those throwback vibes. Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew team up with longtime skateboard designer Paul Schmitt to create the ultimate backyard, backhill, neighborhood golf course fun board—we’re calling it Mr. Fun. Dave finds legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi’s pro model shape in Professor Schmitt’s workshop, which serves as the foundation for this 7-ply deck.

Hosoi himself stops by the factory to add some crucial design input to the shape (wow!). Mr. Fun gets a custom Hosoi grip tape job and then it’s off to the streets of Boston where historic amounts of snow have fallen to see if Mr. Fun delivers on the promise of fun. See this simple board take on snowy streets, parks and everyday urban features with no lift ticket (and no bindings) required. Does this look like fun to you? Let us know in the comments below!