In the latest episode of Every Third Thursday, Dave Lee and the Signal crew construct a pair of beautiful snowboards made from surfboard stringers.

Surfboard stringers are the thin strips of wood that run down the middle of surfboards to add extra strength and rigidity to the foam boards. In this episode, Dave hooks up with Appelcore Stringer, a company out of California that manufacture surfboard stringers.

These stringers - essentially incredibly thin veneers of dyed wood, are used to create two brand new snowboards: one a traditional core snowboard, and the other a totally experimental veneer laminate board at around half the thickness of a normal board.

After the boards are wrapped out it's out to Bear Mountain with Cody Beiersdorf for some 'product testing' (read: park shred). Being incredibly thin and light, these look they performed pretty decent all-round, although Cody definitely knows how to handle a snowboard under his feet.

Although not the most radical of concepts this month, it was cool to see a snowboard come out of ETT that could actually make it into legit production one day. We're not sure how well these things would hold up after you gave them a proper bashing, but they sure do look sick.

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