Every Third Thursday is back and this one's for all you programmer geeks out there! Signal build the world's first programmable snowboard that alters the music playing based on the board's motion.

We can't say that we're jumping at the idea of this one, but after last episode's 'longest snowboard ever', it was only right that they guys stepped it back a notch.


This one's as geeky as they come with a programmable chip and motion sensors detecting different snowboard motions and adjusting the soundtrack accordingly. Press a rail? The bass cuts out. Get into the air? A new beat drops.

While the concept is definitely an interesting one, we can't help but think that this would get kind of annoying after a while. But then again, if it's fully customisable and open-source...

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The world’s first fully programmable open source snowboard—it’s the ultimate interactive board! In this episode of ETT, Dave Lee and the Signal Snowboards crew team up with Matt Davis from namethemachine, Samy Kamkar and Alex Nano to build a snowboard that acts like a video game controller to control the playback of the music. The crew build sensors into the snowboard and create custom software to gather data and manipulate the soundtrack based on the boards motions. Signal rider Daniel Brown tests out the snowboard at Bear Mountain, creating his own custom park riding soundtrack. What would you want to program into this open source board? Let us know in the comments below!