Every Third Thursday is back! In the first episode of season 5 Dave Lee and the Signal crew head up to Mt. Hood to attempt to build and press a snowboard using completely natural materials and processes. Will it work?

Everyone's favourite wacky snowboard construction show is back, with season 5 of Signal's wildly popular Every Third Thursdays dropping onto our computer screens. For episode 1, Dave Lee and the crew head up to Mt. Hood and set out to build a snowboard using just Mother Nature herself.

Using a traditional Hawaiian cooking method as inspiration, the guys dig out a pit in the earth and fill it with hot coals, before burying all of the snowboard parts (including a core foraged from the woods) and applying pressure via their truck to bind the layers together.

After that it's up to Mt. Hood's Timberline to test out their Earth spawned creations. Would the Earth-pressed boards hold up? Only one way to find out!

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