We wrap up our Ethan Morgan In Focus week with an in-depth look at the history of man himself, his career highlights, reminisce on some ultra-loose situations he's found himself in, and look at some of the projects that have helped cement him as one of Europe's most celebrated riders. Go all in with our first Access All Areas right here...

We headed to Innsbruck a few weeks back to visit Ethan at home in Innsbruck and get all Access All Areas on his ass. Wow, that reads just a little more personal than we'd intended. Anyway, Ethan's a spontaneous kinda guy, and when we rolled in to town we found out he'd headed up to the Sane! crew's ultrasecret minijib park. After a long day of filming him, his sister Annika (look out for her front board pretzel at the end) and a host of homies, we finally got to sit down with him for the bantz, and then rummage through his old coverage back at his place by the Nordkette lift.

From his youth as a shred-stoked 7-year old who wrote poetry about snowboarding (no, seriously), to his early days on Forum, filming for Isenseven, Standard and Nike, Nike's pullout and starting to produce his own projects... it's all in there. As is the one about the kebab shop shit, that time he nearly decapitated a girl, and some other pure Ethan Morgan randomness.

He's a funny young dude is Ethan, so settle in for the ride of his life.