Elias Elhardt continues his GoPro show series with one hell-raising POV line in the spiritual home of big mountain snowboarding: Alaska.

We've been really enjoying these GoPro show lines from Elias Elhardt. It's one thing seeing a gnarly big mountain line shot from a heli, but it can be hard to relate to at the best of time.

Putting it into a first person POV perspective gives us a chance to see what these riders go through from a much more relatable viewpoint, and as expected, it's as every bit as gnarly as it looks from the other angles!

In the latest GoPro show episode, Elias Elhardt jumps out of a heli in Alaska with homies Gigi Rüf and Manuel Diaz before tanking his way down a delicious looking spine, with a bunch of big hits on the way. You don't see so many riders throwing in big tricks down there lines these days, but Elias is one of the riders pushing the boundaries. Sick!

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