Elan are kicking off a new video series focussing on their riders and their creativity. First up is Gus Engle getting the full wizard on.

Elan Snowboards presents “I Ride My Way", a video series focused on providing a creative platform for the individual creative talents of our team riders. By giving our riders control of their own content development the “I Ride My Way" series allows each rider to use video as a medium of expression to share their unique style, passion, and love for snowboarding with other shredders around the world.

Strange Dream

The fall is a time for when snowboarders everywhere get a bit crazy with anticipation for winter. But while the rest of us are staring off into space drooling and daydreaming about the shredding to come, Gus Engle gets spacey and turns his daydreams into dreamy days. In Strange Dream Gus let’s us in on one of his autumn training sessions at his top secret enchanted forest training facility.