The latest of Elan's IRMW edits just dropped, and it's Mick Roy who's stepped up to bat...

Michael Roy finished his competition season with a few solid results. In his words "it could've been even better if it wasn't for that shoulder injury but what can you do that's snowboarding". He has now fully rehabilitated his shoulder and was already able to film a few park laps for the new IRMW episode.

Elan Snowboards presents “I Ride My Way", a video series focused on providing a creative platform for the individual creative talents of our team riders. By giving our riders control of their own content development the “I Ride My Way" series allows each rider to use video as a medium of expression to share their unique style, passion, and love for snowboarding with other shredders around the world.

Rider: Michael Roy

Editing: Dejan Hodzic

Footage: Michael Roy

Music: Freddie Gibs - Pronto