Gus, Estee and Jonas getting creative @ Park Mazenod in this I Ride My Way edit. Just goes to show that you can get buzz without dropping acid all that's needed is a snowboard and your unorthodox friends. Kids don't do drugs, go snowboarding!

Elan Snowboards presents “I Ride My Way", a video series focused on providing a creative platform for the individual creative talents of our team riders. By giving our riders control of their own content development the “I Ride My Way" series allows each rider to use video as a medium of expression to share their unique style, passion, and love for snowboarding with other shredders around the world.

Riders: Gus Engle, Jonas Michilot, Esthera Preda

Footage and editing: Esthera Preda

Music: Gus Engle - Summer Weaponry EP