It's time for another episode of Different Direction's third filming season. Mario Käppeli, Sebi Geiger and Thomas Feuerstein have been out hitting some serious back country and being stuck at ISPO right now, we couldn't be more jealous. Watch what went down read what Sebi has to say below:

Nuff people say they know they can't believe,
Different Direction we have a snowboard team.
We have the one Mario, Fuego and Sebi.
The fastest of the fastest of Rockland,
Go to olympics, fight for Jamaica.
The fastest of the fastest of freestylers,
Respect to the man Rock Veda.

We´ve ordered a rock band, we got a rock band. Well, anyone missed pow during the last weeks?

We really enjoyed being out there, filming for "Whiskey Mountain" with the final team for at least this season.

Mario Käppeli, Thomas Fuego Feurstein and Sebi Geiger are a real team. There is "Fuego the Kid", always motivated and mental trained,

"MariO", just with shit in his head and massive styles and Sebi is the man.

Despite "endless" pow this shoots been full with bails, knock offs, a bubble blue but and watch it yourself.

So what needs every house party? A rock band. With "The Bloodeegles" in concert, some valley friends, visitors, madams and ppp we´ve celebrated beeing alive.

Luckily grandmothers long case clock is one piece, thx Peter for trusting us. Whiskey Mountain. One Love. One Peace.