Episode 5 of the Different Direction webisodes is a keeper! Watch what Sebi Geiger and Thomas 'Feugo' Feurstein got up to when they jetted out to Nelson, BC for some freshies and piste cruising.

Canada, and BC specifically, has to be up there on the list of every snowboarder's dream destinations. It gets dumped on, has amazing tree runs and pillow lines and is a totally unique experience compared to shredding in Europe.

Sebi Geiger and Thomas Feurstein know the deal, and travelled out there in search of bottomless powder and good times. While they may not have been blessed with the best conditions (BC definitely has a habit of getting super warm and then super cold in a short space of time), the boys still managed to hit some sick pillow lines and had a lot of fun blasting the groomers and getting their carve on.