Fuck. This is good. After settling into the usual schedule of glacier videos, Scanner season edits and other stuff that we pull out of the library 'caus there's no other snowboarding to talk about, this has hit us squarely in the chops.

Diaries Downunder have been putting out one of the most interesting and well put together series in snowboarding for a while now. It manages to balance snowboarding and lifestyle stuff pretty well, whilst still making it fun. If you haven't got a smile on your face, and a carnal need to get on your stick and do some riding, after watching this, there's probably something clinically wrong with you.

June seems to have blessed the Southern Alps with an unusually high amount of fresh, which after a fairly bad winter in Europe is a bit of a kick in the shins. Nick Hyne is leading the DD charge again, but its Mahi Mains' line at 02:09 that gives us the shivers - the dude is absolutely sending it!

It reminds us a little of Emilien Badoux's part in 'HEADS or TAILS' where he's just navigating through the terrain at mach 10. The look on his face at the end just says it all really...