Watch what Nick Hyne and the Diaries Downunder crew got up to on a Southern Hemi heli mission in October! Some of these vistas are truly breathtaking.

It is Springtime here in Queenstown, NZ and everybody is getting out on the lake, up the hills on their mountain bikes and enjoying the sunshine and warmth but just because the lifts have closed for the season, it doesn't mean that the snow adventures have to stop! This is one that you and 4 friends can do from June until November and you won't be disappointed.

In this episode Nick Hyne, Nick Brown and Mack James visit a high alpine hut deep in hobbit country. Being October it is now definitely Spring in NZ but 'Steep White' hut sits at 1800 metres above sea level and it is still winter up there! The crew delve deep into the lakeside chutes of Mount Alaska and then spend the night in the comforts of this kitted-out hut and wake up fresh enough to double cork.

This episode is a banquet of mind blowing snowboarding that will be torture for the snow starved shredder.