Check out the first proper episode of Diaries Downunder, showcasing the incredible winter terrain in the Southern Hemisphere.

Although it's been a relatively slow start to the season over in New Zealand, with quite a small amount of snow, it looks like winter has finally hit proper. Take a look at some of the amazing snowboarding that New Zealand has to offer, in both the resorts and in the vast backcountry that make up the Southern Alps.

There's some great riding in this from Jake Koia, Christy Prior, Sean Thompson, Nick Brown and Nick Hyne and although it's perhaps not the best video to watch if you're on a tight budget/overdrawn, but dangerously close to whipping out the credit card and booking a spontaneous flight to anywhere where you can get some snowboarding in...

There are so many different ways to access the mountains in New Zealand, whether it be a T-bar, a nutcracker rope-tow, a chairlift or a helicopter! In this episode the crew get amongst 2 of the finest modes of transport earth has available - a brand new high speed 6 seater chairlift and one of the most surefire ways to find powder..a helicopter.

Yeap, it's definitely good to have options, and Jake Koia, Christy Prior, Sean Thompson, Nick Brown and Nick Hyne make the most of the new snow to access some of the breathtaking terrain that New Zealand's Southern Alps have on offer.