Watch Canadian Anto Chamberland on an absolute tear through the streets and backcountry in his full re-mixed part from DC Shoes.

Correct us if you think otherwise, but we think Anto Chamberland is a severely underrated snowboarder. With solid ability in both the streets and backcountry, a clean style, and a knack for making technical tricks look effortless, Anto has all the hallmarks of a rider who should be held with high regards in the industry.

DC appear to agree, and have dedicated the 6th episode in their Underline Series to Anto, with the three and a half minute edit above representing a remix of all of his best shots from last season.

Anto filmed with the Shredbots last winter and hit almost every kind of street feature imaginable. From serious kink rails, to ledges, to gaps over fences to gnarly drop-down wallrides, Anto slays it all. And that's without even mentioning his backcountry tricks!