Check out episodes one to three of 'Following Frendly', which track Danny Davis and Jack Mitrani's adventures in the lead-up to the Frendly Gathering music festival.

In the first episode of Following Frendly, meet professional snowboarders turned event planners, Jack Mitrani and Danny Davis, and watch how a small camping trip quickly turned into a 4,000 person music festival. With a little help from their 'Frends,' Jack and Danny bridge together the snowboarding and music worlds to celebrate life and the power of frendship.

In episode 2, get behind the scenes in Vail, CO, with Jack and Danny at the longest running, premier snowboarding event, Burton US Open Snowboard Championships, as they continue to balance building their 5th annual music festival, with the day to day life as snowboarders and hosts.

Danny becomes hard to get ahold of, so Jack resorts to flying a helicopter drone through Danny's window with an urgent note to call him.

In episode 3 of Following Frendly, Danny suffers from dislocating his shoulder while trying to redeem himself after he was not able to put down a run at the Burton US Open Snowboarding Championships. Danny explains that when you are going through an injury, it's essential to have the support of good frends to lift you up.

With 107 Days away from the Frendly Gathering, Jack and Danny, confirm their headlining band with Matt Rogers, their band booking agent, over Skype.

In episode 4 of Following Frendly, Jack and Danny tell the backstory of Twiddle, the headlining band of the 5th annual Frendly Gathering.

Jack and Mihali, the lead singer of Twiddle, go out for sushi and discuss how their next chapter of life needs to revolve around discovering talented street performers. Providing them with a platform for their talents to be seen, and voices to be heard.

They're also hyped to announce a Skype platform for emerging artists to get their music heard by the Frends posse. Send them a video message over Skype to 'Frendly.Gathering' to share your talent, voice, story, or anything of that matter.

In Episode 5 of Following Frendly, Jack takes us through the adventures of the notorious airstream known as the Frendship. Going through many obstacles, it finally made it to the home of the Frendly Gathering, Timber Ridge Vermont. Starting with the purchase of the airstream, and the west coast transportation to follow.

But it wasn’t a piece of cake getting it there. An unexpected change in this process occurred when little brother, Luke Mitrani, breaks the news that there would be a month delay on the refurbishing of the Frendship.

In Episode 6 of Following Frendly, we begin to truly understand what goes into running a music festival. As the Frendly Crew shows up to Timber Ridge, we come to find that the harsh Vermont winter has left the festival grounds completely thrashed, wax, and taxed!

Just as the final stone was being laid and a celebration was to be had, the festival was handcuffed by a last minute wristband fiasco. Luckily, Rose, from London, stepped in at the last minute to save the day.

In the season finale of Following Frendly Powered By Skype, the Frendly Gathering goes off bigger and better than ever before thanks to all the hard work and endless support from the Frendly Crew.

Although the episodes of Following Frendly have come to an end, it is just the beginning as Jack and Danny set sail in the "Frendship" to capture the sounds of their favorite artists, discover new talent, and continue to make frends across the globe. If you enjoyed the series, continue the voyage with them on