The latest Crap Show features cunning stunts from all four corners of the Crap Sogn Gion's park setups. Wallop!

The 4th instalment of the Crap Show 2017 offers up high quality trickery from all over the parks of Crap Sogn Gion. Young gun Nick Pünter and shaper / shredders Matthias Wattinger and Jah Harris kill it on P60, Nicolas Huber slays kickers on the pro line, and Markus Keller rips the cheese tube like he's known to. To top it all off, Moritz Thönen destroys both rails and jumps like there's no tomorrow. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!
Nick Pünter, Markus Keller, Matthias Wattinger, Jah Harris, Nicolas Huber & Moritz Thönen