Ståle Sandbech, Len Jorgensen and Tor Lundström have been on a Swiss holiday it seems. With this being filmed pre-X Games, it's likely Ståle wanted some behemoth booters to hone in his kicker game, and there's no park better in Europe right now.

With Burton European Open kicking off in 3 days, the park is looking on point for the worlds brightest and best to duel it out for European supremacy of the skies. We're pretty jealous of anyone that has Laax/Films on their doorstep. It's easy to see why Laax produces so many good riders with features like they do.

Also featuring Jonas Boesiger, James Niderberger, Markus Keller, Yannick Hermann, Benji Farrow and Severin Van Der Meer, giving the P60 a good going over, as well as the freshly sculpted 200m superpipe.

On the topic of superpipe, Markus Keller has some serious man balloons to go for the fishtail option on the 22ft icy beast - some Chorlton inspired riding right there.

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