Check out the latest summer camp edit from the Blackcomb glacier and Camp of Champions.

Camp of Champions may not be quite as hyped as Windells and High Cascade these days, but it's worth remembering that it's actually the largest private summer terrain park on earth. Camp of Champs always pull together some solid setups and a whole load of riders end up making the trek over to Whistler to ride it. We can totally see why.

Hit play above to watch some boarding in shorts, proper presses, floaty kicker tricks, and some all-round good snowboarding from dudes like Chas Guldemond, Garrett Warnick, Matt Belzile and many more.

Oh yeah, and it was nice to hear some rap music back on these Footyfiend produced edits - it just suits these way better.

Riders: Scot Brown, Garrett Warnick, Brin Alexander, Taylor Watling, Jody Wachniak, Matt Belzile, Ben Poechman, Logan Short, Chuck Guldemond, Quinten Fast, Darcy Sharpe, Harrison Gray, and Mark Goodall

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