The last episode of the season is live, lit, and sees Kevin, Tor and the crew bounce from East to West...

In this final installment before the BYNDxMDLS crew hunker down all summer to edit their movie, the boys hit Sochi in Russia for some wild times both on and off the hill before bouncing to the US for some spring madness on a few epic park setups.

Catch up on any episodes of BYNDxMDLS 2016 you might have missed, and stay tuned for the full BYNDxMDLS movie that will drop this autumn. Shit will be bananas!

Locations: Russia - Sochi / America - Mammoth Mt & Venice

Riders: Tor Lundstrom, Kevin Backström, Ulrik Badertscher, Sebbe de Buck, Yuki Kadono, Tomoki Wakita & Max Kruglov (Skate)

Additional Filmers: Alexandr Dorinov & Dasha Nosova

Director: Markus Wetterberg

Executive Producer: Oscar Valentin