HERE WE GO! Episode one of Kevin and Tor's adventures BYNDxMDLS has finally landed and it's straight fire.

This winter we'll be lucky enough to be a fly on the wall with the BYNDxMDLS crew during their stay at Peaks Place in legendary Laax Resort. This is the first episode of a four part series which offers a more behind the scenes insight into the lives of these dudes.

They say they're saving all their best shots for a full length movie at the end of the winter, yet this first episode is stacked full of heaters. We're hyped on this and you should be too!

The crew start off the season sending it in Laax snowpark before a mellow trip to Japan sees them bagging endlessly deep powder. We can't wait to see what else these guys have in store for us. We'll be the first to drop the new episodes so keep checking back here to find them and get hyped for the full movie!